Type of septic tank Termite for a summer residence
Septic tank Termite for a private house. Features and types of septic tanks.
The Termite septic tank is designed to solve one of the most important problems in landscaping a summer house or country house
Fiberglass and fiberglass
Polypropylene pipe, fiberglass reinforced
A wide range of metals and polymers, as well as various variants of them, are used in the manufacture of pipes.
Polypropylene pipes. Specifications.
Pipe rolling for heating and plumbing Due to the technical characteristics, polypropylene pipes can be used in networks
Sewage tank for a private house - which type to choose, advantages and installation
A country property is not considered perfect enough for comfortable living if it is not equipped with a system
How to test a finished sewerage system
External sewer pipelines are tested twice, the first before backfilling, the second after.
Caustic soda: composition, characteristics and application
What is caustic soda? Caustic soda is primarily an alkali that can corrode organic matter,
Individual heating meter for the apartment
Installation of individual heat meters on radiators in an apartment with central heating
One of the important steps towards saving budget funds on heating is
How to bleed air from a heating radiator: instructions, tips
The formation of an air lock in the heating system is characterized by partial cooling of radiators or areas of warm water
Warm floor made of polypropylene pipes
Dimensions of polypropylene (PPR) pipes: diameters and wall thickness according to GOST
Modern lines made of polypropylene pipes are of better quality and environmentally cleaner, unlike iron pipelines.
heating radiator connection diagrams
How to choose and connect a heating radiator. Material, number of sections, installation diagrams
In this article we will look at connection diagrams for heating radiators and you will understand